President Welcoming Speech

105 years ago, a great leader and visioner man named Henry Giessenbier created an International Organization to connect and provide opportunities for young people to create an impact for society and to develop themselves to be future leaders, known as JCI (Junior Chamber International). JCI movement continuously inspires over millions of young citizens around the world and creates numerous reputable leaders year by year.

There are more than 20 Chapters were built in Indonesia since 49 years ago. Many state leaders and community leaders were born and shaped by this organization. And last year 2019 a strong leader from Indonesia was elected as JCI President in the 105 years history of JCI, this is the first time a young active citizen like Alexander Tio surface and take the lead and make Indonesia proud.

It's my honor and privileged to serve as the National President of JCI Indonesia in 2020. We decide to use the theme of 2020 is “Create and Connect Leaders", with this belief, we can grow our network and create more impactful and sustainable projects to inspire others. We connect every member with a diverse background and skill set. We connect all leaders so that they can work together and contribute more to our society, community, and other organization. not forgetting we also connect not on the local or national scale but to connect worldwide scale because we are Junior Chamber International.

2020 is an important year for all of us, continuing to empower young people to take action and create sustainable impact, we encourage all of you to be active against what we are facing today with the corona outbreak as one. I hope we can come to hang in hand to support our local community and society, not one to think for yourself but we have to think like one.

In charting the future of Indonesia, we need your support as a young active citizen. As I just mentioned earlier, there will be hundreds of thousands of JCI members worldwide ready to connect with us. Let me call upon all of you to work together for the betterment of Indonesia. The big change to re-organize our structure and system is planned. We are running and aiming for another new milestone in the JCI movement in Indonesia.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Sandjaja
2020 National President
JCI Indonesia